Sex Life improvement – 5 Guaranteed Ways

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How to improve your sex life?

If your sex life has nosedived and you are looking for ways to improve it, you need to take some practical steps to achieve that. Some couples often wonder about proven techniques for better sex. Some even lack the sexual confidence and knowledge that is required for a fantastic bedroom performance. If you are one of those looking for ways to reignite your sex life, reading this piece to the end will give you ideas on how you and your partner can start having great sex again.

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5 simple steps to your sex life improvement

Change your location

Do you often have sex in the bedroom? If you have been having sex only in the bedroom, it may explain why you are bored with your sex life. You need to get out of the bed and try somewhere new. You may try places like the bathroom, the kitchen or any other place in your house.

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Try other sexual act

Improving your sex life is not all about intercourse or orgasm every time. Sometimes, many couples preoccupy themselves with intercourse and orgasms and this often takes away the pleasure from the act itself. Think about other ways to make your partner get pleasure. For example, if you see her masturbating, you can join and let her guide you to pleasuring her. If you do this, she is likely to return the favor later!

Avoid criticism

Do you often criticize your partner for lack of sexual skills? This is a habit you must shed. If you want a mind-blowing sex, you need to guide your partner appropriately. For a woman, she needs to communicate with her man and tell him what she likes and how she wants to be handled. Do not just assume that your man should know everything.

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Settle your differences

Your sex life can be greatly affected if you are having issues with your partner and this can prevent a woman from reaching orgasm. If you both are not emotionally connected, it will affect your performance in bed. If you want better sex you need to urgently work towards settling your differences and improving your relationship before you expect a mind-blowing sex.

Eat sex-enhancing foods

Foods are also connected to your having good sex. Certain foods, vegetables, and fruits like cucumber can raise your libido and sexual performance. Low sex drive might be responsible for your poor sexual experience and by eating the right foods, your sex life will improve.

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