4Fisting Silicone Lube 150ml

4Fisting Silicone Lube 150ml

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Highly efficient and long-lasting moisturizing silicone based gel. Thanks to its unique thick formula provides optimum slip preventing chafing and irritation even in the most extreme conditions (e.g. fisting). Through proper lubrication increases the perception of sensations for both partners. Ideal for intimate dryness problem care.

Instructions for use: Turn the pump to "OPEN" position. Apply desired amount of gel on the intimate area. Gel can be applied several times. Gel can be used with a condom and erotic accessories.

  • extreme fisting
  • silicone-based
  • very efficient
  • long-lasting

Storage: Product suitable for adults only. Store in dry place at room temperature strictly away from children.

Volume: 150ml