Reglash Eyelash Serum Growth Stimulator 6ml


Reglash is the only effective and CE approved rapid eyelash growth serum. Created using the latest technology and dermatologically tested, is now the most advanced formula actively acting on eyelashes.

Thanks to precisely made pencil, Reglash application is very simple and enjoyable. Apply ONLY once in the evening Reglash serum to each of the lash lines (as shown below). After few seconds serum is completely absorbed into the skin. From now on Reglash powerful & natural ingredients start to penetrate eyelashes bulbs from the inside. Let it work through the night and repeat the process over at least a month. You will be amazed with the results 😉

Reglash will make your lashes longer, thicker and definitely stronger within only 1 month. This is the most powerful formula available on the market nowadays. And all of this completely natural without any side effects. There are no contraindications whatsoever, as Reglash growth stimulation serum is 100% safe and will NOT cause any allergies, eye redness or irritation.

Important: Using Reglash over 1 month will even magnify the results, therefore consider buying at least 2 boxes. After finishing 3 months treatment, reduce use to 1-2 times a week in order to maintain the results. Finally enjoy your new, long and beautiful lashes 🙂

Contents: 6ml per 1 Box

Storage: Store at room temperature in a tightly closed container away from children.


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