The unique mode of action of Penilarge product line is based on complex masculinity support. Penilarge cream with its unique penis enlargement formula was created on the basis of plant extract and substances. The innovative combination of traditional methods and the newest technologies will help you turn the sexual life upside down thanks to its strength. The highest quality ingredients help with taking care of the good condition of your sexual organs. The multimode action helps with building your masculinity in a meticulous and complex way.

Compounds contained in Penilarge are known for their action on the circulatory system of the penis, which acts like a volume-increasing pump upon stimulation. How? They regulate metabolism of nitrous oxide. In addition, they naturally stimulate the body to produce testosterone. It is the main hormone regulating male sexuality, responsible for libido levels, blood supply and proper functioning of sexual organs. It shapes the emotional sphere by forming characteristics such as boldness, decisiveness, assuredness, bravado, independence.

Penilarge stimulates central nervous system, increases psychic and physical efficiency. The product improves the general well-being, has an immuno-stimulating effect and increase tolerance to stress. In addition, the unique combination of ingredients has an anti-oxidative action, protects from free radicals and strengthens the whole body.

Volume: 50ml

Application: Apply appropriate amount of cream 1-2 times a day and thoroughly rub into the skin of the penis, including space under the foreskin.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place away from children.


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