Active plant ingredients, carefully selected formulas, cosmetics in the service of masculinity is a true art. The result of many years of experience and continuous search for the most effective solutions.

Field studies, recreating and deepening the ethnobotanic knowledge, supervision over cultivations and harvests – penis enlargement requires both excellent quality as well a thorough knowledge of used ingredients. The effect often depends on the smallest details, thus preparation of our products is characterised by an incredible and due care.

Enjoy your new, bigger penis thanks to Maxilong Gel. Cosmetics supporting enlargement, created on the basis of plant substances, effectively make skin firmer and nourish it, as well as help with penis size modelling. Thanks to a combination of precisely selected ingredients, they ensure complex bodily care as well as strengthening and enlarging of your manhood. Natural plant extracts stimulate cell metabolism, supporting the process of tissue reconstruction and growth, have antioxidative and cleansing properties. The formula of the gel provides excellent absorption and penetration to the deepest layers.

Volume: 150ml

Application: Apply an appropriate amount of gel around 10 minutes before sexual intercourse or during the foreplay and rub thoroughly in the skin of the penis. Excellent for hydration and bruise prevention during penis enlargement exercises, recommended for using extenders and pumps, it increases their effectiveness and accelerates expansion.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place, inaccessible for children.


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