LibidoUp Gel


Libido Up Gel is a 100% plant extracts gel which needs to be applied before sex to noticeably increase a woman’s sexual stimulation and pleasure. Its formula is extremely safe and has no known side effects. Many women have found Libido Up Gel to provide very positive changes in their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

Thanks to the content of high quality active ingredients (among others L-arginine and ginseng) demonstrating the significant improvement in the blood flowing, Libido Up Gel will take you to the new level of sexual experiences.

Volume: 150 ml

Application: Spread Libido Up Gel on labia and the clitoris – you will feel remarkable tingling feeling which will set you very quickly into the excitement and will sensitize your clitoris to the touch. Massage gently and let Libido Up Gel to be completely absorbed.

Storage: Store in dry and cool place inaccessible for children.


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