Foliactive Laser – Stop Hair Loss



Laser device to prevent hair loss

Foliactive Laser is a laser comb to stop hair loss and regenerate the growth of new hairs. It acts
directly on the hair follicles through the laser light with innovative Vibratonic® technology. This
consists of small vibrations that stimulate the circulatory system. Both mechanisms act on the scalp
by increasing the supply of nutrients the hair needs to increase and strengthen. It has a USB charging
system and a portable travel case to carry along anywhere.:

  • stop hair loss
  • stimulate hair growth
  • contributes to the development of new hair follicles
  • USB charging system
  • portable travel case for your comfort
  • provides more density and hair volume

Foliactive Laser Specifications

Indication: Stop hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair.
Properties : Stimulatory and regenerative.
Format: Electronic cosmetic device.
Technological Innovations: Vibratonic® system; large diodes; 650 nm radiation index, IIIr low-laser type, stopwatch timing control, tines of different hardness, charging mode via USB system and a travel case.


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