Be Mine Perfume For Men 100ml


Effectiveness of Be Mine is based on years of experiments on blend composition of pheromones. This sensational product influences the subconscious, mind and mood, creating an incredible atmosphere which will make you “the master of situation” and sensual object of the desire.

Be Mine is acting invisibly spreading hypnotizing and sexy smell, where at the same time it’s not perceptible neither for you, nor to third parties. Pheromones are acting immediately after application.

Be Mine will help you:

– to strengthen the self-confidence in every situation
– to arouse the sympathy and respect
– to become more attractive rapidly for yourself and other people

Application: Spread a bit on your neck and let pheromones do their job.

Caution: Be Mine can ONLY be used by adults. Store in dry and cool place away from children.


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