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Acai Berry 900 20+ Revolutionary and most effective weight loss

Acai Berry is an unusual berry being grown in the Amazon forests, which was used by the local people throughout long centuries as an effective remedy for weight loss. Among some tribes acai berry represents almost 42% of daily calories intake.

Researchers in Texas have discovered amazing properties of these berries, which are now used by millions of people around the world.

An important factors that make this fruit so effective, are the correct extract proportions and the conditions within which it is cured.
Extract 4:1 ensures the highest concentration of acai berry and guarantees maximum absorption when taken on a daily basis.

Acai Berry – Does it really work?

If you haven’t tried this specific Acai Berry product, do it now and see how quickly your body starts burning unwanted fat cells.
You’ll be amazed what such an inconspicuous fruit can do in just a few months!

Outstanding Acai Berry 20+ effectiveness relies on one more amazing ingredient, which is a green tea extract in proportion of 55% EGCG – concentrated to the highest and cleanest level.

See the benefits of this extremely effective supplement:

  • accelerated metabolism
  • more efficient fat cell breakdown
  • regular weight loss
  • very high energy level
  • loss of unwanted inches
  • the highest extract 4:1 of natural acai berries
  • control appetite
  • active burning – surprisingly – even when you sleep

Daily intake of this supplement will surprise you in just 3 months, as within that period you can lose as much as 10kg!

Acai Berry 900 20+ Explained – FAQ

What are the contraindications to the use of this supplement?

There are no contraindications, because Acai Berry 900 20+ is designed for everyone, rather than a specific group of consumers. Due to its high effectiveness, individuals with heart defects or chronic liver failure should consult a physician before deciding on treatment.

How fast can I lose weight using Acai Berry 900 20+?

Depending on the body, weight loss ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 kg per week, provided that you drink a sufficient amount of water (which is highly recommended while taking any supplements). Keep in mind that a healthy diet will increase the effects, and thus – your metabolism will come to an even higher level, what will magnify the action of Acai Berry 900 20+.

What is the duration of treatment I should choose?

6 months treatment is the best option. If your body begins to drop its weight too quickly, it can lead to yo-yo effect in a very short time. Longer treatment ensures that you do not have to worry about such an effect and continuously enjoy every single day of your life in a new, lighter body.

Is Acai Berry 900 20+ an original product?

Yes of course. We are the exclusive distributor of this supplement worldwide, that’s why each customer can be 100% sure that acquires
a proven, effective, and most importantly – original product.

What does 20+ mean?

20+ is the weight that you can lose within 6 months while regularly using this supplement.

Can I use Acai Berry 900 20+ combined with other supplements?

The ingredients of Acai Berry 900 20+ were chosen to not cause any conflict with other supplements, but we urge some caution.
As a rule, an individual should not use two weight-loss products at the same time due to the strong effectiveness of this product.

Contents: 60 capsules / 1 bottle – Lasts for one month of treatment.
Storage: Store in dry and cool place away from children.


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