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Best penis enlargement pills are not the ones advertised on porn sites, but those that are found through the word of mouth.

If you are the one being smaller than average of 15cm, you are not alone. Many men in their early teens suffered from looking on other boys when getting changed after swimming class. If you have noticed that your penis looked small in comparison to the others, you probably started wondering why did it happen to you and will it change in the future?

best penis enlargement pills - small penis

Now, when you are a grown man in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s, the size of your penis hasn’t changed at all – it’s still small as it was before. You are more likely to have a girlfriend or wife, who accepts you the way you are, but does she get what she wants while having sex with you? Does she fake orgasms and tells you that you are perfect lover or does she tell the truth? What if there’s something out there, what could help you gain additional size without even spending damn thousands of dollars on expensive surgery? What if there’s something, that takes only 4-6 months to make you a real man? Or rather “real BIG man”?

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Finest ingredients, advanced technology and incredibly complicated, protected and patented formula were combined together to create a powerful product called Phallomax. Being on the market since 2012, with over 100 000 happy men across a whole world, this brand stays on top of the mostly searched best penis enlargement pills.

best penis enlargement pills - phallomax

Confirmed by hundreds of reviewers, this penis enlarger does exactly what it promises – gradually increases length and girth of the penis. No matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or diabetes. It has been designed to be used by anyone who struggles with small penis problem, therefore it can be taken by any man over 18yo without any side effects.

Why Phallomax are the best penis enlargement pills?

Phallomax acts directly on penis glands called “corpora cavernosa”, which stretch and expand when erection occurs. Those cells fill up with blood and keep it as long, as you are sexually aroused. What Phallomax does is pumping more blood than usual (around 30%) into each cell, so their capacity can increase over the time during each “pumping” (erection) process. It’s already confirmed that 87% of men notices visually bigger and thicker erections within the 1st week of use.

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When actually penis enlargement process starts?

It starts within the 1st week, when penis cells are getting used to all of Phallomax’s ingredients. Your organism is a complicated machine, however knows where to deliver each substance for its own purpose. It’s like taking painkiller pill, which shuts down your brain receptor responsible for pain. Process is exactly the same and directed to the right part of your body. If you do this regularly, penis cells will realize, that substance delivery is consistent and in result they start to expand themselves day by day, week by week and so on. Four months is usually enough to extend penis for another 3-5cm in length and 2-3 cm in girth. Longer use may only increase those results. Some men use Phallomax for a period of 8–12 months, however they are only a small percent of regular, focused and patient users achieving incredible results.

Phallomax reviews from around the world

Dave 42, London (+4cm length, +2cm girth)
Found them working really well and they did exactly what I was looking for.
Dave 42, London (+4cm length, +2cm girth)
Ciaran 36, Dublin (+5-6cm length, +3cm girth)
Seen these shared on my mate’s Facebook page and thought he’s mentally unstable by actually sharing that kind of stuff publicly. My curiosity however led me to that page and after around 2 weeks (of course after doing a lot of research) decided to purchase 2 boxes of Phallomax and test them out. Well, I’m now after my 6th month of taking and hats down.. Couldn’t count on anything better than what I have now and most importantly what my Mrs feels like. This product is worth a star on the sky.
Ciaran 36, Dublin (+5-6cm length, +3cm girth)
Kwani 31, Dreux (+3cm length, +2cm girth)
Have been taking them for over 3 months now and noticed my penis hanging longer than usual. Not only I’m experiencing a rock hard erections, I’m also feeling like getting ready again literally within minutes. It’s something I never experienced before, but I’m glad of having this ability now. Totally recommend this product everyone.
Kwani 31, Dreux (+3cm length, +2cm girth)
Callum 25, Slough (+4cm length, +3cm girth)
I always thought that all of those pills are a pure scam until I’ve come across Phallomax. Tried some other pills in the past with zero/nul/nada results, however when I went through the first two weeks with Phallomax, I was simply astonished and knew that something is happening down there. Already finished 6 months programme and fully confirm, that it works like a charm. My lady can’t believe in my change and due to the size sometimes tries to avoid more than 2 rides, but important for me is, that she gets wet every time I pull my “little” fella out of my shorts. No foreplay needed, as she’s ready straight away. Now that’s what I call self-confidence!
Callum 25, Slough (+4cm length, +3cm girth)



You can benefit from best penis enlargement pills if you are taking the best ones available today. Taking the right pill is the actual solution to your poor sexual performance. To satisfy your woman, you need the right kind of pills that enhance not only your libido and sexual performance, but also one that will not harm you in the long run and provide the best results possible.

Phallomax – best penis enlargement pills in few words

Helps increase your penis size: Within four months of taking the pills, you are guaranteed to gain around an inch in length and half an inch in girth. This will improve your sexual performance a lot, and you will be able to increase your and your partner’s level of pleasure. The longer you take those pills, the better results you will gain.

100% organic and safely prepared: From the ingredient to preparation, every step is natural. Natural products are more potent and generally safe on all bodies. Also, best penis enlargement pills Phallomax are safely prepared under a high hygienic condition and were manufactured according to DVZT Standards. Thus, they have been able to pass many advanced laboratory tests and were certified by COA.

best penis enlargement pills - bigger penis

Phallomax is the one you can trust and finally increase your penis to the size you always wanted. Shop now and choose a right package for yourself. Remember, that programmes of 4-6 months let you increase length by around 4-5cm and girth by 3cm. Advanced 9 and 12 months programmes are only suitable for patient users, however guarantee enormous results (+7cm in length, over 4cm in girth).

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